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100% AWARE Partner

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Are you looking for a dive center or instructor who takes ocean protection to heart? We at Dive Funatics want to keep our undersea world clean and healthy – not just for ourselves, but for the dive community, now and for future generations to come. If conservation is important to you, choose to dive or continue your dive education with a 100% AWARE partner.

Across the globe, PADI instructors and dive centers have committed to ocean protection through the 100% AWARE partnership. 100% AWARE partners support a healthy and abundant ocean by making a donation to Project AWARE – PADI’s nonprofit partner – on behalf of each student that they certify.* 100% AWARE partners’ ongoing contributions make a difference by providing vital funds to support Project AWARE’s two core areas of focus: marine debris prevention and shark and ray protection.

Best of all, when you become certified through a 100% AWARE partner, you will receive a special Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card so that you can proudly display your support of ocean conservation!

To learn more about Project AWARE’s ocean protection efforts and how you can support marine debris prevention and shark and ray protection, visit

PADI Women’s Dive Day 2016: Calling All Women and Women-At-Heart Divers

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Back iPADI Gender Statsn the 60’s, scuba diving was a predominantly male activity. Since then, there has been an increasing proportion of women joining the sport.

In 2015, PADI created the Women’s Dive Day initiative – a special day to get women together, in the water and involved in diving and the goal is to get as many women as possible, at every level, diving on the same day in order to build awareness and interest for the sport.

This year, we are joining the initiative. So this article goes out to all women and women at heart who are in Cebu on the 16th of July 2016. Save the date! We will be doing two (2) easy shore dives in Kontiki. To put more meaning to the dive, we will also make this a dive against debris – we will be collecting underwater trash in our colorful girly mesh bags which you can take as souvenirs of the event. At the end of the day, we will collect all data regarding the trash we have collected and report it to the Dive Against Debris website to contribute to the collective view on the status of our adopted dive site, Kontiki Marina.

Kindly click here to book the date with us. You can choose to join us for just one dive if your schedule is packed but be sure to drop by and let’s celebrate all the women in diving. Help us document the event by using the following hashtags: #PADIWomen, #PADIWomensDiveDay, #DiveAgainstDebris and #DiveFunaticsJoinsWomensDiveDay.

You may also visit the official PADI page for the Women’s Dive Day.

Don’t let your dives go to waste – dive against debris

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We love our ocean and we are bent to be part of the global effort to protect our seas and our marine life. As a diver, we choose to make every dive a dive against debris and we want to influence as many divers in our community to do the same.

Starting this May 15, 2016, Dive Funatics will be launching our first Project Aware Dive Against Debris clinic! We will dedicate our time month after month to teach, train and arm every interested diver to be part of the Dive Against Debris movement. Since this is in support to a much greater cause, we at Dive Funatics will offer our time to train and certify you for FREE. Pay only for the cost of your dives, resort fees, certifying credits and your precious day to earn this important and significant specialty course.

We will be conducting our clinic in Kontiki, Maribago, Mactan, Cebu. Don’t forget to bring your own equipment and mesh bags. If you don’t have your own equipment, let us know. We would be happy to provide for you.

We now have the tools, the methods and the curriculum to properly survey, collect and report debris in our ocean. Make every dive as a dive against debris. No need to wait for organized annual clean-ups, no need to be dependent on other groups to outline the clean up plan. You and your dive buddies can do it, and you can do it every time you go diving.

For more information about how the schedule and how to sign up, please go to our Dive Against Debris Specialty course page. You can reserve your slot by booking the course online by clicking the banner.



Dive Courses in Cebu using the PADI digital products

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Just recently, PADI has lunched it’s digital product suite. This means that our students are able to start their independent learning prior to their scheduled travel. Manuals are quickly delivered to our student’s mailboxes shortly after booking our courses. These digital manuals may be accessed online via a browser, or offline using the PADI Library App. Prior independent studies enable our student to quickly jump in the water and proceed with the in-water training instead of spending a good number of hours reading the manual and missing out the fun!

Although these student manuals are in digital format, this should not be confused with the PADI e-Learning program which is highly interactive, incorporating the reviews, quizzes and exams, but a little more expensive than the traditional course.

As a student shopping around to find the cheapest course offering, be very mindful about what the course fee includes. As in most cases, you get what you paid for so it is important to understand what comes with your fee and what is not. PADI has strict guidelines on what a course should require, and this requirement includes your personal copy of the course manual (exception to this is for some specialty courses that does not have student manuals made yet).

Here at Dive Funatics, every courses that we offer, such as the open water diver course, advanced open water course, rescue diver course, nitrox specialty course and other specialty courses will have a corresponding student manuals given to you, as your own, not shared, and that you can take with you after the course. In fact, we are one of the few dive centers in Cebu who provides and uses the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participant Brochure!

Understand the dive theories and having a reference that you can always go back to whenever you need to is as important as being about to demonstrate the skills and satisfy the performance requirements of the course. Remember, dive theory is very fundamental, and understanding the reasons behind why you are taught to do exactly how to do it makes you a better & safer diver, and ultimately, a better dive buddy.

If you are looking for a place to learn scuba diving in Cebu, come to us. While it may appear that there are far cheaper offers somewhere, chances are, you will soon realize that you are not comparing apples to apples.

All our courses may be conveniently booked online.

Dive Funatics Partners with Ivouchercodes

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The Dive Funatics website has teamed up with to bring our latest diving coupons and special offers to even more divers and online shoppers in the Philippines. Now you can find our latest coupon codes for snorkelling and diving gear products or check out the latest promotions for our diving packages at their website where every day the ivouchercodes team are uploading the latest coupons for thousands of online retailers in the Philippines for their 100,000+ members to enjoy discount shopping.

If you haven’t used their website yet it’s pretty easy to use, online retailers upload their coupon codes to their website to encourage shoppers to make a purchase from them and to spend more, in return the customer gets to enjoy a nice big instant discount at the checkout page by simply entering discount code, creating a win win situation for everyone, to redeem a discount from ivouchercodes all you have to do is paste the code into the coupon code box at the retailers website and you’re instantly rewarded with your savings! Now you can save & Dive!

Dive Funatics presented at Pechakucha Night Vol 9

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Darwin of Dive Funatics presented at the PechaKucha Night Cebu Volume 9 last November 11, 2014 at Politics Cafe in Escario Central where he talked about Dive Funatics’ 1001 initiative. It was an interesting night and the place was packed with intellectuals attentively listening.

PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps – just about anything, really – in the PechaKucha 20×20 format. PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along with the images. The presentation format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in their gallery/lounge/bar/club/creative kitchen, SuperDeluxe, in February, 2003. Klein Dytham architecture still organize and support the global PechaKucha Night network and organize PechaKucha Night Tokyo.

Dexter Sy presented “BOMBA PRESS”, an independent record label operating in Cebu City, dedicated to giving great acts from the local indie scene some well-deserved exposure. He also talked the publishing aspect of BOMBA PRESS which mainly featuring local literary talents in both Bisaya and English language, and how they eagerly work with other arts groups in the city to promote an environment of symbiotic creation.

Angelica Manlunas who describes herself as a reader and an ‘accidental writer’, told a story of how she came to be a professional writer in her presentation “Looking for money in writing”.

Dr. Henry David Dimaano, Orthopedic Spine & Joint surgeon talked about the 10 things he learned from mountain biking, shared a few insights which he learned from actively participating in this sport/hobby, insights which apply very well to life in general.

Finally, Cattski, on of Cebu’s famous musician/singer-songwriter/record producer as well as an entrepreneur shared her accounts and highlights of her first American cross country music adventure in her presentation “It All Ends at The Bitter End”.

I enjoyed the presentations as well as my crab cake over a couple of bottles of cold San Miguel premium beer with the company of Kae and Atty. George.